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Rich Mushinsky (right) owner of Fit 4 Boxing Club, has been active in the sport of boxing for about 40 years. He’s always had a passion for fitness and he dreamed of owning his own boxing club. In 2015, he hung up his gloves as a plumber and opened Fit 4 Boxing Club on Route 8 in Hampton. His nephew, Brett Burkhart (left) has boxed with him for about 15 years. Brett, with dreams of being a business owner himself, gave up his job in landscaping and worked as a trainer and a manager at Fit 4 Boxing Club from the beginning. He is now a partner at Fit 4 Boxing Club II in Murrysville. Joyce Williams (center) has always had a passion for fitness and training. She fell in love with boxing and the Fit 4 culture when she first walked through the doors as a member. Instantly, Joyce was a good fit, and she became a trainer. Joyce quickly climbed the ladder and is now the manager of Fit 4 Boxing Club in Hampton.

Rich Mushinsky

Rich Mushinsky, owner of Fit 4 Boxing Club is friendly, personable, and very motivating. With over 35 years of fitness training and boxing experience, Rich gave up his career path as master plumber to fulfill his life long dream of opening up a fitness boxing gym. His aim in life is to help others.

Through Rock Steady Boxing, an exercise program designed to help people living with Parkinson's disease, and through his 15 Rounds workouts, Rich enjoys coming to work every day to change people's lives. Confident and hard working, he is great at what he does, and he will give you a warm welcome when you come to his gym!

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Brett Burkhart

Brett Burkhart, partner at Fit 4 Boxing Club, is high energy, motivating, and fun. After training with Rich since the age of 11, he is currently an amateur boxer. Very friendly and inviting, he will welcome you with a smile on your way in the door.

As a certified Rock Steady Boxing coach, Brett's favorite part of his career is helping not just those with Parkinson's Disease, but helping to change the lives of cancer patients, stroke victims, and more!

Joyce Williams

As club manager of Fit 4 Boxing Club Allison Park, athletics and fitness have always been a priority in Joyce's daily routine. Growing up you could always find her on the softball field, basketball and volleyball court, or playing a game of golf with a smile on her face and waiting for the moment to cheer on her teammates. Joyce has attended many boot camps and eventually learned the true benefits of strength training after working with a personal trainer for years. This encouraged her to become a Certified Personal Trainer, and enabled her to share her knowledge and motivational personality with her clients. She is positive and playful and enjoys encouraging and inspiring others to incorporate exercise into their lifestyle. As she always says, “You can have results or excuses, not both!” She is sure to help our members get the most out of their workouts, keep them motivated, and assist them in reaching their fitness goals!

Jess Hatheway

Jess Hatheway has been working in the fitness industry since 2013. She started as an online fitness and wellness coach. Priding herself on providing a motivating and supportive environment for everyone she works with, she always focuses on giving the best workout she can for her clients. She has experience teaching multiple group fitness formats and now commits her class time solely to boxing. Jess believes that fitness and nutrition can be life changing and encourages everyone to set goals beyond the scale along their fitness journey. She is also certified in personal training, nutrition and wellness consulting and holistic nutrition. If anyone is ever interested in one on one nutrition counseling or group nutrition workshops feel free to reach out to her.

Bugsy O'Connell

Bugsy O'Connell has been volunteering with mentally handicapped children for over 35 years. Bugsy started off at Fit 4 Boxing Club as a volunteer for the Rock Steady Boxing program. With 40+ years of boxing experience, he was later added on as one of our coaches. He is great at teaching boxing fundamentals in technique. Using real life experiences, he is able to help our members achieve their fitness goals by watching their boxing skills and technique improve each time they come!

Dave Carns

Dave Carns was an awesome member of Fit 4 Boxing Club for nearly two years before we brought him on board as a trainer. When he was in his twenties, he was told he had dangerously high blood pressure and high cholesterol. As a result, he would need to start taking medications to keep them in check. Rather than accepting that diagnosis, he chose to fight it by losing 50 pounds. Now he channels that determination and passion into helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. His energetic uptempo style is sure to push you to your limits while having fun.

Marisa Dombrowski

Athletics and fitness has been apart of Marisas' life since she was 6 years old. She was a competitive swimmer for three years. At the age of nine, she transitioned to soccer and played for her area team, a traveling cup team, PA West Olympic Development team and her high school team. She was awarded a scholarship and played college soccer for Mercyhurst College for four years. Several years ago, she decided to take up running. Since then she has completed 7 marathons, 3 1/2 marathons, 6 Ultra Marathons and a Ragnar. She is a warm friendly person who will greet you with a smile and friendly hello when you walk through the door.

Derek Gionta

Derek joins the Fit 4 Boxing Club team with a wide range of training experience. An avid boxing enthusiast, Derek competed in the Golden Gloves while attending Robert Morris University as well as having fought in the Toughman tournament years later. He began working with fighters in 2002, and currently trains amateur and professional boxers. His experience also branches out into 1 on 1 and group boxing training at health clubs, and group boxing classes for elementary and secondary education level students at private schools. He emphasizes the importance of technique with each and every session he conducts, and feels there is no better form of cardio workout that can keep the clients engaged for the duration. He earned his MBA degree from Waynesburg University in 2012 and has recently obtained his NASM personal training certification.

Drew Jackson

Drew was trained in the Sweet Science by his father as a kid. His dad loved the sport and wanted Drew to become a fighter, but Drew focused more on school and became an educator himself. He remained active in boxing, and joined the Fit 4 Boxing family originally as a member in 2016. After a diagnosis of Dystonia in 2015, Drew was recommended to Rock Steady Boxing Pittsburgh by his doctors. Rock Steady Boxing training has proved beneficial for Drew, as he has continued to improve physically, and proudly joined our staff in Murrysville and in Hampton. Drew can be found sitting behind the front desk or helping out with the Rock Steady Boxing Pittsburgh program!

Emily Eichas

Emily has always been active from Soccer in highschool to Running, Coaching Girls on the Run, Tough Mudders, and Co-ED softball as an adult. After moving from NY to PA her activies were lacking.

Three years ago Emily found Fit 4 boxing club and tried the intro class. She was hooked instantly and hasn't looked back. In early 2018, after being diagnosed with Dystonia she realized what a major part of her life and overall health boxing was. Not only was boxing helping her physicall but mentally as well.

Emily was fortunate enough when entering back into the working world after 12 years of being away that a front desk postion was open. Emily has loved every minute she spends behind the desk and all the new people she has gotten to know.

Kelly Krecek

Health and Wellness have always been an important part of Kelly’s life. After graduating from Slippery Rock University as an undergrad, she went on to complete her Master’s in Exercise and Wellness Promotion. Fitness then led her into a career of teaching Health and Physical Education.

About 3 years ago, Kelly was looking for a change in her fitness routine. After coming to Fit 4 Boxing, she fell in love with the music and the friendly atmosphere. The workouts were challenging, filled with positive energy, and left her wanting more! Becoming an instructor here has been so rewarding for Kelly, and she looks forward to each and every class!

John Wojciechowski

Johnny has always had a passion for personal growth and development. As a driven and dedicated person, Johnny is also passionate about the Fit 4 Boxing Club culture, and he enjoys making his classes as strong and exciting as possible. By striving to make himself a better and stronger person all the time, he is always willing to help others achieve the same goal.

Johnny believes that in order to take care of those around us, we should be at our best. His famous line is, “The strongest people I know are in this gym right now!” Come try one of Johnny’s classes, and he will give his best to everyone who shows up willing to work hard and have some fun!

Katie Werner

Katie has always been active and loves a good challenge. After having her second child, Katie went through the biggest physical challenge of her life, having back surgery at the age of 31. During recovery, she was told that her days of enjoying an active lifestyle were likely over. Never one to give up, she decided to prove people wrong and show others that they could do the same thing.

Katie became a member of Fit 4 while she was studying to become a certified personal trainer. Immediately, she was hooked!

Katie loves training people in all stages of life and drawing on her personal experience to help people realize that anything is possible. She looks forward to working with you in group classes or one on one personal training sessions.

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