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At Fit 4 Boxing Club, we are rolling with the punches!!! Our workout is Fit 4 EveryBODY, and Fit 4 EveryWHERE!

Our virtual class is an at home 15 Rounds virtual fitness boxing workout! You can participate in all the exercises that we would do in our standard 15 Rounds workout in the club without any equipment at all! If you have a heavy bag at home, you can use your hand wraps and gloves and complete the class on your bag. If you do not have a bag, you can shadow box using light dumbbells, or with no weights at all. A good pair of tennis shoes is recommended. Jump on in and get ready to go!

*Please note: There are How-To Instructional videos in our video gallery teaching you how to stand, how to move, and how to punch. It is recommended that you watch these videos before your first class in order to learn all of the proper technique.

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*Please note: Virtual classes are titled Virtual 15 Rounds

Virtual Boxing Fit 4 EveryBODY

How Do I Sign-up and What Do Virtual Classes Include?

Upon joining our virtual membership, you will have access to our on demand video library as well as our live streams. Live stream classes are currently offered twice a day Monday through Thursday, and once on Saturday.

You can also sign up for classes on your mobile phone or smart device by downloading the Mindbody App from the App Store or Google Play Store and searching for "Fit 4 Boxing Club".

(*The Virtual Classes will be found under our Allison Park location class schedule, click below for more information.)

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What Happens after I Sign-up?

  1. Once you join our virtual membership, you will receive an email with the link for our On Demand Video Library. Do not delete that email, as that is what will grant you access to our workouts on demand!

  2. When registering for a live stream Virtual 15 Rounds class, you will receive an email with the link for your live class within a half hour of the class start time.

Virtual Class Memberships

  • Month to Month Unlimited Virtual Membership
  • Virtual Add-on for Our Current Members
  • Virtual Drop-in Classes


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our Virtual Classes or Memberships or any other service that Fit 4 Boxing Club has to offer, please reach us by email at or by phone at your respective location:

Allison Park Boxing Club: 412-213-3584

Murrysville Boxing Club: 724-575-7486

Virtual Boxing Fit 4 EveryWHERE

Thank you for your support. We cannot wait for you to join us Virtually!

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